Rehab Tech Consultants
Find Qualified Professionals
Find a RESNA Certified Professional
Find a NRRTS Registered Supplier of CRT
Useful Policy Related References
Medicare Coverage Database
CMS Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Center
DME MAC Contractors (Download Local Coverage Policies, fee schedules, policy articles etc.)
Region A National Heritage Insurance Company
Region B National Government Services
Region C Cigna Government Services
Region D Noridian Administrative Services
PDAC- Medicare Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding
Advocacy Groups Protecting Access to CRT Independence Through Enhancement of Medicare and Medicaid Coalition United Spinal Association
Users First Alliance Users First
Consumer Resources
RESNA Catalyst Project - Find information related to:
  • Statewide Assistive Technology Programs
  • Financial Loan Programs
  • Protection and Advocacy for Assistive Technology (PAATs)
VMI select dealer network - new or used wheelchair accessible vehicle network
Disabled Dealer – Accessible vans and vehicles
WheelchairNet  – Broad range of references, links, resources, and research related to seating and wheeled mobility
Finding Funding Resources
Fundraising options: Where to go for help.  (download the pdf)
Clinical Documentation
Mobility Device Clinical Documentation Guide  (download the pdf)
SWM Pre Clinic Screening Form   (download the pdf)
Seating and Mobility Clinical Eval Form 06-13-14  (download the pdf)
Technology Assessment  (download the pdf)
Wheelchair Measurements Form  (download the pdf)
Home Evaluation Survey  (download the pdf)
Supplier SOAP Note Documentation  (download the pdf)
Anne Jones LMN deidentified with comments  (download the pdf)


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